This Land Rover Discovery Sport Prototype Is Hiding A Big Secret

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There's more than gasoline powering this SUV.

The Discovery Sport is an extremely important model for the Land Rover brand. Ever since it replaced the Freelander in 2014, the Disco Sport has been the brand's best-selling model, which makes sense, considering it acts as the entry-level model in the Land Rover lineup. Despite its sales success, the Disco Sport has been relatively unchanged since 2014, so it is time for a refresh.

Land Rover has been testing a prototype version of the Disco Sport, which should debut as a production model in spring 2019. Reports claim that Land Rover is working on a plug-in hybrid version, and this prototype has proves those claims to be accurate. Though it is hard to see from a distance, the yellow sticker on the front windshield reads "Hybrid," proving that this prototype is one of the rumored plug-in models.

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Aside from the added plug-in powertrain, the refreshed Discovery Sport will gain a new front fascia and new taillights. On the interior, we wouldn't be surprised if Land Rover updated it with the new dual-screen layout from recent models like the Range Rover Velar. The D8 platform on which the Disco Sport is based will be heavily updated to offer better ride comfort, more space, and room for lithium-ion batteries. This platform will also underpin the new Range Rover Evoque, which is expected to arrive next month at the Paris Motor Show with its own plug-in hybrid variant.

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