This Latest Mazda6 Recall Has Nothing To Do With Spiders

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What's worse? Spiders or suspension rust?

Back in 2014, Mazda issued a recall for its popular 6 sedan, but it wasn't your typical recall. The problem involved spiders. Yes, as in the arthropod. It was discovered spiders were crawling into the engine and weaving webs in the evaporative canister hose, potentially blocking the canister and resulting in the fuel tank having an excessive amount of negative pressure. And now, according to the automaker and the NHTSA, that same generation Mazda6 is having yet another recall, this time over concerns about corrosion affecting structural components.

A total of around 49,000 2009 and 2010 model years sedans are part of the recall, and all of them were either sold or are currently registered in 22 eastern and midwestern states and the District of Columbia.


What do these regions all have in common? Road salt, which is used to melt ice on the roads in wintertime. The specific issue involves the front suspension subframe. Mazda claims it is susceptible to corrosion and if the subframe's crossmember rusts, then suspension components could potentially separate from the vehicle itself. Translation: not good.

So far, Mazda claims it has received 20 complaints from owners, though most of them were for the 2009 Mazda6. Not surprisingly, the automaker found from its own investigation that owner complaints increased in line with the vehicle's age.

The repair, like with any US government sanctioned automotive recall, will be done for free, and it involves installing a drain hose that will route moisture away from the vulnerable suspension components. Each vehicle will be examined and depending on the rust situation, Mazda said it will either install a new side member or a new and improved front crossmember.

Lastly, Mazda will apply a protective wax to the vehicles' undersides. Affected owners will begin to be notified by Mazda in the middle of next month. So, which is worse? Rust or spiders?


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