This Lego Dodge Viper GTS Is The Perfect Farewell Gift For The Iconic Muscle Car

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If something exists in toy form is it ever really gone?

Here at CarBuzz, we're big fans of Lego supercars. We're also just a bit big on the Dodge Viper. That means it was a no-brainer when Ben Smith approached us and asked us to share this, a Lego Dodge Viper GTS. We covered the GTS in our farewell series on the iconic muscle car a few months ago. The Lego Viper seen here is incredibly detailed; as well it should be considering that Smith invested 13 weeks and 250 hours into its creation.

It was built from the rear forward and while its creator doesn't know exactly how many pieces it packs, he thinks the number is around 2,000. Smith said he was inspired to build his toy brick Viper after seeing the awesome Lego Ferrari F40. His creation is currently up on the Lego Ideas site where it could go from one-off to store shelves provided it gathers 10,000 votes from supporters and is approved by the company.

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