This Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS Is The Ultimate Boy's Toy


The kit's for people aged 16 years or over, so we're allowed to be excited.

Over the last couple of decades or so, Lego's been producing quite a few supercar kits under its 'Technic' line. It originally began with fictional vehicles, but the toy manufacturer's now been in the habit of producing Technic kits based on licensed car models (with perhaps the coolest being the 1:8 scale Ferrari F1 car). Now, however, Lego's got the rights to sell Porsche-based kits, and it's kicking proceedings off with this 991 GT3 RS-themed set that's just gone on sale in the United States for a whopping $299.99.

It's a helluva lot of dosh to spend on what can cynically be described as a 'big boy's toy,' but we'd certainly love to be in the position where we could splurge our paychecks on one.

Even though it may not be the best Lego Technic kit that's ever been produced (as Pawel 'Sariel' Kmiec states in his review on Sariel's LEGO Workshop, there are a few areas where the set lets itself down), there's no denying it's got some pretty cool little details. The flat-six motor, for instance, is lovingly recreated in Lego form (and, as in real life, it's impossible to see clearly when it's stuffed in the back), there's all-round independent suspension, the trunk has its own dedicated luggage set and you can even open and close the glove box. Oh, and the set is friggin' huge! As we said earlier, there are some issues with the kit.

Some bits aren't perhaps as securely assembled as they should be, for instance, and a fair bit of fiddling is required in order to fit an electric motor in the chassis. Perhaps the biggest bugbear of all, however, is the much-publicized four-speed sequential transmission - not only is it hugely complicated, but the 'box doesn't actually change gears that smoothly (plus, when it does engage a gear, it's horribly clunky). Still, the bits where Lego's knocked the ball out of the park in the 991 GT3 RS kit are truly great - so, if you've the money to splash on a kit as pricey as this and plan on using it as a shelf-based show-off piece, then by all means go ahead.

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