This Lexus LC 500 Vs. F-18 Fighter Jet Commercial Is How You Sell Cars

Having a hot Spanish actress and model also helps.

It hasn’t even gone on sale yet but already we want to own the Lexus LC 500. Yes, the car is absolutely gorgeous and is very possibly the best thing to come from Lexus since the now discontinued LFA. But there’s another reason. Well, two actually. One is watching the LC 500 drive alongside an F-18 fighter jet. That just looks cool. Second, it’s who’s behind the wheel of the LC 500, and Spanish actress Mar Saura is a fine choice. The so-called friendly race took place at the Torrejon Air Base just outside of Madrid, Spain.

Lexus, if you really want to increase sales in the always competitive US market, air this commercial in America. Keep it in Spanish, by the way. It just sounds sexier.

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