This Life-Size Lego McLaren 720S Took 2,000 Hours To Build


But you can watch it being built from scratch in just one minute.

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, McLaren answered a question we doubt anyone has ever thought to ask: what would a life-size McLaren 720S made almost entirely out of Lego bricks look like? Built to celebrate the launch of the latest entry in McLaren’s Super Series family, the full-scale Lego car turned plenty of heads at the show. McLaren has now released a behind the scenes video showing the replica car's painstaking building process from start to finish in a one minute time lapse.

It’s surprisingly therapeutic to watch. Some fun facts: a real 720S takes 12 working days to build from scratch at the McLaren factory. Using CAD data supplied by McLaren, a team of six professional Lego builders (yes, apparently that really is an occupation) from Bright Bricks spent over 2,000-man hours building the Lego 720S replica using 267,300 individual bricks.

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The model was built on a steel frame and even wears real Pirelli P Zero tires. Ironically, it’s heavier than the real car, weighing in at 3,200-pounds. At the show, McLaren invited visitors to finish building the model with the remaining 13,000 bricks at a charity event which raised over $3,000. McLaren isn’t planning to sell its 1:1 scale Lego McLaren 720S, but if you really need to own a plastic version of the supercar and don’t happen to have 280,000 Lego bricks lying around, you can always buy the smaller-scale Lego Speed Champions McLaren 720S.