This Limited Edition LaFerrari Needs To Happen


Is Ferrari preparing a one-off limited edition LaFerrari to celebrate its 70th anniversary? Here's how it may look.

The mysterious recently discovered images linked to a patent design filed by Ferrari last year have been the source of much speculation, with design elements similar to the LaFerrari hypercar suggesting a possible successor or limited edition model. However, the discoloured model in the images made it difficult to visualize as a Ferrari. Enter the rendering artist wizards at Peisert Design, who have added a splash of color to the rudimentary design. With its signature red paint, it now looks like a true Ferrari.

Peisert Design did a sterling job filling in the details to make the render as realistic as possible, fleshing out the headlights and adding a visible interior. It's still unclear what we're looking at here, though. Some have speculated that Ferrari could be preparing a one-off limited edition LaFerrari to celebrate the manufacturer's 70th anniversary created by its Special Projects division in the vein of the Japan-only J50 and one-off SP 275 RW Competizione. The render gives us a clearer visualization of the design which looks less aggressive than the LaFerrari with its unusually thin headlights and cleaner hood. Hopefully it won't be too long until it becomes a reality.

It turns out you can already view the model in the flesh. Motor1 has reported sightings of a very similar-looking model on display at the concept car section at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which has had design revisions since previous exhibitions to match the design patent. The plot thickens.

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