This 'Lord' Gets His Aventador Roadster Torched

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Jealousy blows, especially when its targeted at your Lamborghini.

Being fans of supercars, its easy for us to find admiration and respect for owners of the world's best cars. Yet let's be honest, who doesn't also feel a twinge of jealousy that these guys get to drive around in the cars we all dream about? It's a natural feeling that happens to all of us, and it comes with the territory. Yet a small group of vandals just north of London took that feeling way too far. They were recently captured on video planting a make-shift gasoline bomb in a Rosso Mars Aventador Roadster.

The owner of the car is believed to be Aleem Iqbal, aka "Lord Aleem", who's family owns a supercar rental business. Police are currently investigating the security video for suspects. The Aventador has sustained extensive damage.

Lord Aleem frequently uploads videos and of his supercar collection on Youtube. Here is the video of Aleem taking the delivery of his Aventador Roadster just one month ago. Oh happier days.

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