This Lotus Espirit Was Saved From The Scrap Heap By A Dedicated Gearhead

Spencer Canon has become an authority on restoring 1980s Lotus sports cars.

Getting saved from becoming a scrapheap is something every car deserves, especially a classic car. Spencer Canon,founder of Ritte Bicycles in Santa Monica, understood this when he came acrossthe atrocious shell of a Lotus Esprit. Now while some people may say the Espriton its own is atrocious, there’s no arguing that it is a classic. What’smore is Canon seems to have restored the car to how he likes it. Changing just a couple things, his car has clearly kept the same spirit as when it was new in the 1980s.

“If I can save a car from going to the dump or being parted out, then it’s excusable if it’s not painted the original color or has wheels from five years later,” he said. Couldn’t agree more, Spencer. The car has earned the right to stick around if it’s still breathing. It’s only proper to bring it back and give it a life again.

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