This M4 Just Got The TAG Motorsports Treatment

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Just when you thought the car was perfection from the factory.

TAG Motorsports isn't new to the game of putting out fantastically tuned BMWs. Its most recent work of art builds on the M4 Coupe as a foundation. Although the modifications to this dream ride are primarily aesthetic in nature, it's hard to find room to complain about what they've done here. This well-respected tuning house began by having the car take a walk in some new (lighter) shoes. It's hard to argue that weight reduction isn't a performance mod, after all.

The finish of the HRE R101 wheels contrasts nicely with BMW's offering of Yas Marina Blue on the M4 and some other models. The aesthetic enhancements go way beyond the wheels, though, as you can see by the aftermarket grille, carbon-fiber spoilers in the front and back, and side skirts that pleasingly compliment the fundamental design language expressed in the M4. These stunning photos come courtesy of Grubbs Photography in San Diego.

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