This M5 Has To Cheat To Beat The Hellcat


But it's a pretty cool cheat.

First up this isn't the latest iteration of the BMW M5. It's a E39 model. But it has had a S52 3.2-liter turbo dropped into it. So does that make it a fair fight? We're not sure what else has been done to the high-performance sedan, but its opponent – a brand new Charger SRT Hellcat – is stock, which, as we all know, means 707 horsepower. If your instincts tell you that America should be trouncing Germany in this war of over powered cruisers, then you're not alone. However, things don't quite work out that way.

The Hellcat takes a bit of a beating here. Are we to blame the driver for this failure? Or is the BMW simply superior? Check out the video and draw your own conclusions.

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