This Man Has Put Over 80,000 Miles On His McLaren In Three Years

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It turns out the 12C Spider is a pretty decent daily driver.

McLaren must have a good detective on staff. How else can you explain the automaker's ability to track down the most interesting owners of its supercars? A few weeks ago it released a video of a Japanese lawyer who daily drives his P1. In this new video a Swiss businessman named Urs Tschudin is highlighted. What's his claim to fame? Tschudin has put 80,000 miles on his McLaren 12C Spider in just three years. In a time when supercars are increasingly seen as investments that need to be hidden away from the world this is extraordinary.

This video provides an interesting look at a man who could be one of the world's most active supercar owners, at least in terms of driving. People, remember that striking it rich means you can do two things (among many): buy the car of your dreams and afford to drive it as much as you'd like.

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