This Man Simultaneously Wins Awards For Most Focused Driver And Worst Husband Ever

This guy embodies every stereotype about men.

Marriage is not an easy thing, but some important aspects about tying the knot seem like they should be common knowledge. However, Walter, an Argentinian man who was on a road trip in Brazil with his wife Claudia and their 14-year old son, could use a few pointers. To secure a spot on the spousal hall of fame, Walter stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the restroom. He got back in the car and drove off for about 60 miles before he noticed that his wife wasn’t in the car.

His incredibly helpful son was distracted by a game on his cell phone and hadn’t noticed her absence either. Walter must have really loved Claudia because he made a pivotal decision to turn the car around and drive all 60 miles back knowing that the couch was going to become his permanent bed. Meanwhile, Claudia was trying to call her husband on his cell phone but couldn’t get a signal. Instead, she decided to wait at a local police station, whose officers were able to witness the couple’s reunion dance involving Claudia kicking Walter’s car. No mention on whether or not Claudia and Walter’s couples therapy will involve lessons on communication.

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