This Maserati 3500GT is One Sexy Latina

When one's passion becomes their job.

Originally imported to Mexico in 1960, this Maserati 3500GT is a special car. It has just about everything an old fashioned Italian car guy could ever ask for: passion, power, and a great engine note. For Frank Mandurano, whose love for Maseratis started at a young age after a visit to the factory in Italy, this particular 3500GT has been the object of his latest affections. He bought his first Maserati after returning from Italy and soon after started a Maserati club.

Before long, fellow owners across the country were shipping their cars to Mandurano and crew to restore. Consider Mandurano extremely fortunate to have had a job that was also his passion. Nicknamed "La Latina," this 3500GT is actually one of a few that he owns, but he clearly seems to favor this one.

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