This Maserati Ghibli Hearse Is The Perfect Last Ride For Don Corleone

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Maybe a hearse would help boost Maserati sales?

Italians are some of the classiest and most stylish people out there. If brands like Ferrari, Gucci, and Versace weren't enough to convince you of that, then maybe you need to see how some Italians like to take their last rides. Case in point: this Maserati Ghibli that has been transformed into a hearse. The Ghibli doesn't come standard with a bulbous backside, so it had to have an extensive amount of custom work done to get it ready to bury those with a fat wallet and a sense of humor.

The company behind this wonderful creation is Ellena, an Italian custom car fabricator that specializes in transforming cars like the Mercedes E-Class, our Maserati Ghibli example (called the G3), and once, even a Chrysler 300, into cars that suit the needs of the dead. To make the Ghibli suitable as a hearse, its rear end is chopped off and then extended severely before a huge top is inserted over the stretched and exposed backside. The wheelbase is extended as well in order to keep the driving dynamics balanced given the extra length. Rear seats and the driver's area are still present, spacious, and luxurious, perhaps in attempts to distract grieving family members or to keep the luxury theme going.

It's unclear if the engine gets any upgrades, but we're guessing not since the 3.0-liter V6 from Ferrari makes 404 horsepower in S guise. Even though we'd like to see that model used for duty (we'd put that in our will), it's the V6 diesel that is used here. After all, the Ghibli's new job will rarely be preformed near the speed limit. To help pallbearers do their jobs the tailgate is automatic and the interior gets dual zone climate control with a nice sound system upgrade. While we love the creativity and the idea of using an Italian exotic as a hearse, we'd rather see Ellena get its hands on a Ferrari GTC4Lusso or a Lamborghini Urus, if its production allows.

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