This May Be The Best Way To Tell People NOT To Text And Drive

Seriously people, don't do it!

Lots of people have found clever ways to warn people of the dangers that occur from texting while driving. Samsung's idea used a video game to show kids how dangerous it can be. Porsche has even shown that ex-Formula One driver Mark Webber could not control his car while texting. Now YouTube prankster Rich Ferguson has attempted to stop people from texting from behind the wheel. His attempt is not exactly subtle. In fact, he literally yells at people with a bullhorn. The results are hysterical, although the issue is very serious.

Ferguson points out the dangers of texting while driving many times in the video, but uses his pranking abilities to open people's eyes about the issue. There is even an interactive "game" at the end of the video that we guarantee will make you think twice about texting and driving.

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