This May Be The First Chinese Car To Make It To America And Europe


Oh yeah, and Aston Martin helped build it.

China is hell bent on showing the world that it's auto industry can compete with the rest of the world, including the newest and shiniest automakers. That's why LeEco, a Chinese company that usually focuses on building smartphones and smart TVs, has just rolled out an electric concept sedan called the LeSee. The curvy white concept car rolled out onto show floors after CEO Jia Yueting called the car out using the voice activation feature on a LeEco smartphone.


The car was able to guide itself out and park by itself using using autonomous technology that LeEco is working on. The integration of smartphone tech is part of a plan by LeEco to use the LeSee as an Uber-like taxi service that can be called on a smartphone. Like Uber, LeSee hopes that these taxis of the future will roam city streets without the need for a pilot. Details such as range, cost, and the date when the car will go into production were left out, although a top speed of 130 mph was mentioned. Other features include memory foam seats, a foldaway steering wheel, an exterior display on the front of the car, and an onboard entertainment system with screens on the rear seat and isolated music playback to allow each passenger to listen to something different.

Many of these features are tailored to make the car more of a transportation pod than a car, which is what the autonomous feature plans to do. If you think this is just another ambitious company from China trying to copy Tesla, think again because LeEco was one of the backers of the 1,000-horsepower Faraday Future FFZERO1 concept that previewed at the 2016 CES show in Las Vegas. Not only that, but the company had announced a joint venture with Aston Martin to work on electric vehicles back in February, which may have something to do with the LeSee's design. Either way, only time will tell where the car will end up, if it even makes it to the streets at all. Tesla, you have been warned.

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