This May Or May Not Be China's First Flying Car

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Take a hard look at it and decide for yourself.

China is filled with some bizarre custom cars. The country's craftsmen and women can make just about anything using a bit of scrap and a lot of imagination. The latest crazy Chinese offering is this helicopter car called China's Dream. Whether or not the Chinese dream of flying cars at night is up for debate. What isn't up for debate is that this wannabe helicopter can't fly. That being said, it's still pretty cool as far as custom cars go, and even cooler as far as custom helicopters go.

Its creator, Yuan Jingying, originally designed it to pick up his grandson from school and to drive around with his mom. It took five years to build, but that was time well spent as it has a massive cabin and air conditioning. Oh, it also appears to be controlled by a computer! Who knows, in another five years it might even be able to fly.

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