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This May Well Be The Best Looking Hyundai Ever Made

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And isn’t just about luxury.

Hyundai's Genesis luxury brand is planning on taking a deviation from the luxury segment with a new four-door sport sedan, dubbed the New York Concept. As the concept's name suggests, the vehicle will be unveiled at the 2016 New York Auto Show next week. The automaker hasn't released many specs of the car, but the teaser image reveals that the sedan is a looker. The four-door sports sedan may preview the brand's upcoming BMW 3-Series competitor.

The brand's teaser video provides an even better look at the stunning New York Concept.

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According to Genesis' executives, the New York Concept's design offers a preview of what the brand's future models will look like. While the final design is still a long way off, we think that Genesis is off to a great start. Head of Genesis Brand Manfred Fitzgerald added, "the New York Concept is a progressive concept car that showcases the design quality of the brand. With its expressive volumes and refined design, the New York Concept truly embodies the athletic elegance, which characterizes Genesis products."