This Mazda Rips Around A Rally Track Like Nobody's Business

Forget skydiving, just do this for thrills.

Rally racers don’t get enough credit for how hard it is to try and get break-neck lap times on roads meant for mud fights and slip-n-slides, but this may help to give them credibility for putting their lives on the line. With a camera mounted to the driver’s side fender of this Mazdaspeed 3, the driver puts on a show by whipping his FWD racer through some wet terrain and causing a ruckus at the Palo Iowa Rallycross event. This car’s turbocharger alone could be put on a concert, but combined with the high speed turning and top tier driving talent, we’ll take it as is.

Luckily this driver can open the Mazda up because there isn’t much to run into.

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