Drag Race

This Mazda RX-7 Puts People On Their Backs With Its Amazing Sound

It could wake the dead.

This Mazda RX-7 packs a triple rotor engine that sounds like nothing else we’ve ever heard before. Judging by the reaction it got at the drag strip, it looks like everyone else underestimated the RX-7’s ferocity, as well. Not only does this RX-7 sound like a series of gunshots, but it also shoots out huge flames. Thanks to Rob Dahm, we can scare coworkers, little children and cuddly animals with this video. But the question has to be asked: is this RX-7 too loud? As enthusiasts, we enjoy loud vehicles, but this RX-7 makes us wonder where the cutoff is.

Before you watch the video, make sure your volume is turned down or you might lose your hearing. Seriously, it’s about to get loud.

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