This McLaren 720S Is Comprised Of 280,000 Lego Bricks


Needless to say, it wouldn't do well in a crash.

Ever wanted to know what a 1:1 scale Lego McLaren 720S would look like? We honestly never did, but now we're intrigued. McLaren partnered with Lego (also for Speed Champions 720S) to build a full-scale 720S. It'll debut this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. McLaren worked and provided the Speed Champions Lego team in Denmark with CAD data to make this happen. A team of six people worked more than 2,000 hours to get the model to its current status. By comparison, a real 720S takes 12 working days to build.


But this 1:1 scale model isn't even done yet. McLaren is asking those planning to visit the McLaren stand to place an orange Lego brick in designated locations throughout the body. The goal is to have the model completed by the end of the festival on Sunday. So far, some 267,300 Lego bricks have been applied to the steel frame. More than 280,000 bricks will be required, so visitors need to add over 12,700 pieces to complete the build. The result will be a full-size 720S model weighing in at 3,200 pounds. It'll also have a set of real Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires. There are no plans to put the completed Lego McLaren 720S up for sale, but you can buy a real McLaren 720S at a base price of $289,000.


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