This McLaren F1 May Have Just Met Death

Chassis number 072 has been totally messed up.

Up until a few days ago, McLaren F1 chassis number 072 looked absolutely perfect. It even had a downforce package and custom white body paint job. Today, however, is different. According to the few details we have, this McLaren F1 was involved in a serious accident in Italy just hours ago. Italian media is reporting there was actually a small convoy of F1s traveling in a group tour. Even Rowan Atkinson, aka "Mr. Bean," was present and behind the wheel of his own recently rebuilt F1.

Supposedly, this white F1 flipped over and hit a tree. Both its driver and passenger were taken to the hospital in stable condition. Atkinson was one of those who pulled over to help the occupants. We’re willing to bet McLaren is receiving a phone call right about now inquiring about a repair estimate.

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