This McLaren Senna Is One Cheap Toy

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You don't need $800k (or even a driver's license) to buy this one.

Do you look at the McLaren Senna and think it looks like it was made out of children's playing blocks? Well you're not alone. Evidently Lego thinks so too, so it's remade the British hypercar out of its signature plastic pieces. And best of all, you don't need $800k (or even a driver's license) to buy one.

The Lego version of the Senna is made up of 219 pieces that are bound to take less time to put together than the nearly 300 hours it takes to assemble each example of the real thing.


The half-foot-long (15cm) model is done up in Victory Grey with McLaren's signature orange highlights. It comes with two interchangeable sets of wheels, a removable windscreen to access the cockpit (with central driving position!), and a little driver figurine wearing a McLaren racing suit with Pirelli sponsor logos.

The kit even comes with a miniature wind-tunnel setup. It's like a smaller version of the one in Woking where the famously fastidious British engineers honed the divisive, function-over-form shape that, to our eye, seems to have translated better than most (more elegantly styled exotics) to Lego form.

The latest addition to Lego's Speed Champions series follows earlier releases replicating the McLaren P1 and 720S, both of which sold out at a suitably quick pace and are no longer available.

Want to put one in your make-believe driveway (or your kid's)? It'll cost you just $15 (or £13 in the UK), which is just 1/50,000th of the price it'd take you to buy the real thing. That is, if you were able to get your hands on one at all.


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