This Means (Tug Of) War: Viper VS Charger Hellcat VS Challenger Hellcat

Dodge's halo cars fight it out for brand supremacy.

It'snot easy being a Dodge today. With so many great cars fighting to be dubbed thecompany's halo car, each of the three cars in this video has to work a lotharder to draw attention on the street or in the dealership. To hash this outonce and for all, this three-way tug of war pits the Dodge Challenger Hellcat,Charger Hellcat and Viper against each other, using colored tires to producesmoke that will indicate which car pulled hardest. However, thanks to the wind creating a general mess on the tarmac, it seems like the winner may still be undecided.

Check out the video and decide who you think is Dodge's toughest tugger:

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