This Mega Truck Power Wheelie will Instantly Make Your Chest Hair Grow

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Horsepower is awesome, plain and simple.

Stock pick up trucks usually come off the dealer lots with a decent enough amount of horsepower. Most trucks need to have it for towing, lifting, off-road and other field related requirements. But what about a truck that has enough horsepower to walk a wheelie from a dead stop position. That is what owner Joey Adams did for the crowd at a recent truck event. We are not exactly sure what even this is, but just the site of watching the power drive those massive wheels into the ground gives an indication that it was a good one.

The truck is featuring a blower motor and we are guessing the Horspower on tap is at least at the 1,500 mark, maybe even more. Watch the power in this wheelie and imagine what it must have been like in person.

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