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This Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda Has An Insanely Luxurious Interior

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Carlex Design's attention to detail is simply sublime.

The W113-generation Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda introduced in the 1960s is arguably one of the most beautiful cars to ever wear the three-pointed star badge thanks to its elegant shape and distinctive hardtop roof. But Polish cabin customizer Carlex Design has somehow made the prestigious roadster even more desirable and stylish, further establishing itself as one of the leading car interior designers in the industry. The SL's interior was already luxurious, but the owner clearly wasn't satisfied and commissioned Carlex Design to make the cabin absurdly opulent.

Just about every surface is covered in copious amounts of two-tone brown leather with retro-inspired seams, from the sumptuous seats and the dashboard to the center console and door panels. Even the floor mats have been given the leather treatment. Elsewhere, subtle wood accents give the cabin a cozy ambience while the traditional storage pockets on the doors have been replaced with small briefcases also wrapped in leather.

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Behind the seats, Carlex Design has also added a bespoke cargo area finished in the same two-tone leather. Even the sun visors are coated in leather, along with the steering wheel rim, the gearbox level, as well as the central armrest. The attention to detail on display here is simply sublime. While the interior is insanely exquisite, the exterior has been left untouched, but it's probably best not to tinker with such a timeless design.