This Mercedes-Benz 190SL Is A Relic That Modern Supercars Can Learn From

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What is it that old cars have to make them more fun than many modern supercars?

Ever stared at those old geezers at a car show and wondered just why on Earth they can get so much enjoyment out of an obscure classic such as the Powell Sport Wagon? Well Michael Potiker, the owner of this not so obscure classic car, a Mercedes SL, is here to tell us why these rides garner so much affection from past owners or desirous onlookers. His theory is that it's a car's imperfections that forge the bond, but is that correct?

By his logic, a Fiat 500L, one of the most unreliable new cars sold in America according to Consumer Reports, should be an object of upmost affection, which it certainly is not. However, there is something slightly endearing about a car that has a spirit of its own unencumbered by technology.

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Potiker's 1950s Mercedes 190SL is exactly that type of car, and he teams with Petrolicious to tell us why he loves it so much. It could be its odd look, giving onlookers the typical race car aesthetic from the outside but retaining the looks of a classic grand tourer on the inside even though it remains exposed, but whatever the case he's in love with it. The aim of the entire project was to keep the SL as period correct as possible, perhaps to go well with Potiker's period appropriate clothing, while making slight modifications. As his bond with the car goes to show, there's nothing better than finding your automotive soul mate.

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