This Mercedes Land Rover Is The Grand Tour's Craziest Creation Yet


Just when you thought you had seen everything, The Grand Tour mated a Mercedes SL with a Land Rover Discovery.

The Clarkson, Hammond and May era of Top Gear was famous for its farcical "ambitious but rubbish" cars. From the vehicles that were converted into amphibious cars that travelled across the Channel, to creating a stretch limousine out of a Fiat Panda, the list is endless. Last week's episode of The Grand Tour treated us to another one of Clarkson's crazy creations: 'The Excellent.' The aim was to build a new fashionable breed of SUV using a Land Rover Discovery as the foundation.

This treated us to the disturbing scene of Clarkson driving the bare naked chassis of the Discovery around the Eboladrome test track. The body of an 1978 MGB roadster was then fused to the Discovery to create a freaky Frankenstein creation of a car which, you have to admit, looked comically out of its comfort zone. After a failed attempt to take it off-road, the MGB was scrapped. The Excellent was born.

Merging the Land Rover with a a sleek 1980's Mercedes SL, the result was spectacular, but probably blasphemous to fans of the classic convertible. As Clarkson describes it, 'The Excellent' is derived from "the internal organs from a Land Rover discovery mated to the beautiful skin of a glamorous Mercedes SL." In all honesty, this segment looked like it could have come out of old Top Gear. It was undeniably entertaining and, unlike the misguided environmental challenge, didn't outstay its welcome. What it did lack, however, were some challenges.

The trio simply drove 'The Excellent' down a country road to attract some confused onlookers, before showing it off to some footballers and attempting to sell it at an auction. Suffice to say, The Excellent didn't attract much attention at the auction and failed to meet its reserve price of 100,000 GBP (around $120,000). Give it a few years, and The Excellent will no doubt be an easier sell based on its fame from the show. With only three episodes remaining in the first series of The Grand Tour, who knows what they'll come up with next.

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