This Mercedes ML63 AMG Thief Did Everything Right Except For One Thing

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And like that...he's gone.

Stealing a car involves several steps, among them breaking into said car, starting it up, and taking off. The ultimate goal, obviously, is to get away scot-free and make a few bucks after selling the car on the black market. For this car thief from The Netherlands, he managed to get through the first few steps but ran into a few problems. The first being the local Dutch cops. They were notified of the theft in progress and began a pursuit. But then the cops had a problem – they couldn't keep up with the stolen vehicle itself, a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.

The SUV was simply too fast for them (were they riding their bicycles?). Anyway, so you'd think the thief would breathe a sigh of relief knowing his V8-powered SUV totally kicks ass. Thing is, he didn't, but panicked instead by driving the Merc into a watery ditch and fleeing on foot. By the time the cops caught up to the newly submerged SUV the guy was nowhere in sight. Not even police dogs could track him down. So he got away, only with no stolen car. And speaking of the car, it's totaled; the ditch was too deep and water flooded the engine. Photos courtesy of

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