This Microscopic Toyota Land Cruiser Feature Will Deter Thieves

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Perhaps it will come to other Toyota and Lexus models soon.

Revealed just over one month ago, the all-new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is already proving hugely popular overseas. So much, in fact, Toyota wants to stop owners from reselling them to other countries. We'd love to steal the keys to the new Land Cruiser here in the United States, but we will have to wait for the Lexus-badged model coming later. As it turns out, stealing a Land Cruiser would be nearly impossible anyway, as Toyota put in a pretty ingenious anti-theft device.

With Land Cruisers so in-demand, thieves often target them and shave off the vehicle identification number (VIN) to erase any proof of the previous owner. With this latest model, that will not work. At around the 10-minute mark, Russian YouTuber Privettachka points out a very innovative Land Cruiser feature that should deter thieves.


Looking under the engine bay at the Land Cruiser's body structure, it has several black dots that are barely noticeable unless you are specifically searching for them. To the naked eye, these dots appear to be nothing special, but if you observe them under a microscope, you would see that each one contains the vehicle's VIN written in tiny lettering. Even if a would-be thief manages to get rid of the Land Cruiser's main VIN plates on the windshield and door jam, law enforcement could still tell if the car was stolen by cross-checking these little dots.


This is among the most clever anti-theft solutions we've ever seen. Even if the thieves learn about this detail under the hood, we assume Toyota put these VIN dots into other, less accessible locations. Though the Land Cruiser won't arrive stateside, we wonder if Toyota will apply this feature to other models, including the next-generation Lexus LX. A feature like this might even help lower insurance rates, and we wouldn't be shocked if other automakers copied it.


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