This Mid-90s Porsche Is Ready To Rally

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With a few clever digital tweaks, this 993 is ready to party.

Porsche models from the early to mid-90s have always been cool-looking things, and are making a serious comeback with fans looking for retro looks and stunning performance. Our favorite Porsche car from this era has to be the wonderful 993 911 which was penned by English designer Tony Hatter and which still bears a resemblance to the modern 992-gen Porsche 911.

Sold between January 1995 and 1998 in the United States, the 993 replaced the 964, a car loved for its massive rear wing and pokey headlights, not to mention its impressive performance. Every part of the 993 was designed from the ground up, and only 20% of its parts were carried over from the 964.

Emre Husmen Emre Husmen

As much as we love the design of the 993, there is always room for improvement, especially if it is a modern redesign with inspiration drawn from the heydays of Porsche's rally career. Emre Husmen, a digital car designer and Porsche fanatic has taken his brush to the 993 and the end result is nothing short of brilliant.

"The Porsche 993 911 is my all-time favourite car design which made me fall in love with the brand and cars in general while I was a kid back in the '90s. For the 25th anniversary of 993 Turbo, I wanted to give it some SUV treatment to make it more practical for daily use and more fun off-road," he said.

Emre Husmen Emre Husmen Emre Husmen

Husmen's 993 is clearly lifted for off-roading purposes and is a direct throwback to the days when Porsche rally cars were still a thing (we wish it still was). Husmen says that his design revolves around what he calls "height-adjustable suspension", and a set of 19-inch front, and massive 24-inch rear wheels.

He also plays around with the classic flat-six "Luftgekuhlt" (air-cooled) concept and says if this car should become a reality, it would have the all-wheel drive system from the 959 car, and an engine output of 600 horses. On designing the car, Husmen says "I modelled the whole car in 15-days from scratch, by taking references from its blueprints and scale models".

Emre Husmen Emre Husmen
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