This Might Be the Fastest You Can Feel Going in the Quarter Mile if You Don't Die First 965

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Anybody else have the balls to give this a go?

Track racers are continuously trying to strip down their rides in order to optimize maximum power output while at the same time decreasing the weight of the vehicle. Most have a threshold they are not willing to cross when safety is added to the equation. The guy in this video is not one of them. In what he calls the Gixxer Kart of Death, he performs a pass on his Gixxer Kart with a Suzuki gsxR 750 motor and Hayabusa exhaust.

It looks like the cart ran in the 12s or 13s, but we get a feeling the aim of the project was less about quarter mile times and more about having fun. No doubt the guy must have felt god-like, yet it could get real ugly if he loses control. In all, it looks like an awesome experience for a kit that cost less than $2k and only requires balls of steel.

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