This Might Be The Most Expensive Crash Ever: Here's What The Cars Cost

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Think of a number in the millions and double it.

At CarBuzz we applaud the men and women who buy expensive cars and still drive them. Yes, some cars are best suited for a life in a museum or garage but that doesn't mean they should never be taken out and driven once in a while. Venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft took that notion to the extreme and paid the price when his Aston Martin DBR1 crashed during a classic car race. The car is a priceless piece of Aston Martin racing history and Beecroft paid a huge sum for it.

The DBR1 is worth around $30,000,000, making this likely one of the most expensive car crashes (in terms of automotive damage) in history. The Aston was joined in the crash by a Jaguar XK 120 and Austin Healey 100. The Jag has a value of around $151,000 and the Austin is thought to be worth as much as $91,000. Luckily no one was injured and we commend everyone who participated in the race for being brave enough to throw their pricey classics around the track.

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