This Might Be Your Only Chance To Own A US-Legal Holden Ute

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At least until they become legal for import.

Remember Holden? If you're not from Australia, you might not. The brand served as GM's Australian arm for an incredibly long time, until shutting its doors in 2020. With it went something truly special that we never got here in the States: the V8-powered Ute. For those out of the loop, a "Ute" is basically a car with a pickup truck body plopped on top. They're a uniquely Australian thing, but they're also seriously cool cars, especially the Holden ones.

Now one is up for auction over at Cars and Bids. Well, sort of. This thing is a bit of a Frankenstein, much like smashing a Chevrolet Corvette and a Chevrolet Silverado together. In some ways, that's basically what happened here. GM go-fast parts were dropped on top of and into a street-legal US chassis, including a 6.0-liter V8 and a manual transmission.

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So how'd this guy get a Ute over here? The seller claims to have used parts from a Chevy SS and the Chevy Caprice Police car, in addition to the Holden Commodore Ute body, to produce what you see here. Thankfully, the State of Tennessee recognizes this car as a fully road-legal vehicle, with a clean Specially Constructed title in the seller's name. However, there are some catches. First, the seller says the car must carry comprehensive insurance, so it won't be cheap to keep around. Then there's the front collision damage, and some reported rear collision damage on the CarFax that's since been repaired.

Issues aside, the seller sourced the Caprice police car's 6.0 V8 for the powerplant, which makes 355 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. The middleground in the powertrain is occupied by the Chevy SS' manual transmission. Other SS parts include the LSD, hubs, front clip, and doors. Of course, the Chevy logo has been swapped to the Holden logo, as it should.

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Inside, the seats and airbags are also donated from the Caprice police car, and the shift knob is clearly the same found in the Chevy SS. Out back, it looks like someone lost a fight with Sherwin-Williams in the bed of the truck, but the Holden tonneau cover is a legit part.

In all, it's a seriously cool machine with some mild flaws that could make it a deal for the next owner. We'll probably never get to see a newly-made Holden Ute in the States, and until Holden's golden oldies become legal for import, this is likely as close as anyone is going to get to owning one.

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