This Mini McLaren Can Be Yours For An Outrageous Price


Can you really put a price on stocking stuffers? Apparently you can.

Yes, the McLaren P1 has finished its production run but thanks to the magic of Christmas you can still buy one in model form. The automaker has released images of scale models of the supercar, with the priciest one checking in at £8,000 ($11,927). That much cash gets you a 1:8 scale model that, like all McLarens, is made by hand. The automaker says the toy car that you can't actually play with is accurate down to 0.01 mm and features "original hand-beaten asymmetric bodywork and creases in the fabric of the seats."


That's pretty damn detailed, folks. While $11,000 is a lot to spend on a toy, each one is made to order, making this the perfect gift for the McLaren fanatic who has it all. Maybe you can get Shmee150 one of these, or something. For those without such deep pockets there's a 1:64 scale model available as well as a Hot Wheels car. Our favorite part of the announcement is the price range of the models being from £10 to £8,000.

Handout, McLaren Automotive

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