This Minions Ferrari 458 Speciale Is The Most Kid-Friendly Supercar Ever

This will make any kid love cars. Guaranteed.

If you want to ensure that your kid grows up to be a gearhead, show them this video. It features an awesome car, the Ferrari 458 Speciale, with the most kid-friendly wrap on the planet. Yes, those are minions from the “Minions” movie and the “Despicable Me” series. According to the video description this car was given the wrap to promote the “Minions” movie, which means the owner is probably more a fan of money than the cutesy yellow characters that now adorn the supercar.

It appears this is the same Ferrari Speciale we saw covered in Minions toys a few months back. It was part of a supercar rally and at the time we wondered why it wasn’t wrapped. Well, here it is. What say you?

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