This Mint Condition BMW M1 Costs As Much As Two Ferrari 812 Superfasts

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BMW's one true supercar can be yours for a wallet-crunching $658,000.

As much as we would love to see BMW revive the M1 supercar, it simply isn't going to happen as the automaker has no interest in producing limited-run supercars to take on the likes of the Project One. BMW still hasn't built a true halo supercar since its first M car in 1978 (no, the i8 doesn't count), but its limited production run means that used examples come with extortionate asking prices. Only 453 examples of the M1 were built before it was retired in 1981 after the BMW M1 Procar Championship failed to take off.

A mint condition M1 is now looking for a new owner on eBay, and it's one of the best examples of BMW's mid-engine supercar we've ever seen. According to the seller, this 1981 example is one of only 58 M1s finished in Dark Blue, and has covered just 8,000 miles since it left the factory. It's also one of the last M1s ever produced as it was built during its final year of production. Being a road-going example, power is sourced from a 3.5-liter straight-six engine producing 275 horsepower mated to a manual transmission. The M1 listed for sale is well travelled, as it was owned by a former journalist who was personally invited by BMW to purchase one of the last supercars produced.

After taking delivery of the car in Germany, he took the M1 to almost every continent in the world during his career, visiting locations including South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Arizona and Miami where the car is currently located. You can tell it was owned by a true enthusiast who cherished their prized possession, as it's been on display at various car shows and BMW dealers throughout its life. It's been kept in original stock condition apart from the addition of aftermarket 1980s Blaupunkt speakers, and even still wears its original Pirelli P1 tires. At the time of writing, this beautiful BMW M1 is still available to purchase with a buy it now price of $658,000.

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Granted, you could practically buy two brand new Ferrari 856 Superfasts for that money, but then this is one of the best examples of BMW's one true supercar you're ever likely to come across.

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