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This Mitsubishi 3000GT is One Ugly Ass Fake Ferrari

Fail / 182 Comments

Yep. This is one big fail.

Wow. Just wow. Where to begin with this one? What you're seeing is really a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT, only it's been "modified" to look bad. Really bad. The owner added a custom Ferrari body kit that's nothing short of horrible. We've seen plenty of fake Ferraris before, but this one is awful in too many ways to even count. On the bright side (if you can take their word for it), the seller claims the engine and gearbox are solid despite the nearly 92,000 miles on the clock.

Power comes from a 3.0-liter V6 paired to an automatic. Another hilarious yet somewhat sad statement made in the eBay ad is that the car is a "head turner." More than likely people aren't looking at it because it's beautiful. Because it's tacky is more like it. There's even a Ferrari replica steering wheel (also done badly). So what's the asking price? An also hilarious $16,999.

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