This Mitsubishi EVO IX Sold For A Mind-Blowing Amount Of Money

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If you needed proof that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution still has a loyal following, this is it.

Despite strong demand, Mitsubishi is reluctant to revive the much-loved Lancer Evolution any time soon, and will instead be prioritizing production of crossovers and SUVs for the foreseeable future. Unsurprisingly, this means existing examples of the EVO are hiking up in value as the sports sedan still has a loyal following. Case in point: someone has spent $137,954 on a practically brand new 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX MR. Seriously. That's nearly four times its original $35,189 MSRP.

Initially, the eBay listing had a starting bid of just $15,000, before a bidding war erupted causing the price to soar to $100,000 last week before the winning bid came to $137,954. That may sound like a lot for an 11 year old EVO IX, but it only has nine miles on the clock. It's also technically brand new because it's never been registered, meaning it has no previous owners. Apparently, the South Coast Mitsubishi dealership based in California bought the car back in 2006 and kept it in storage ever since. There were rumors at the time that the IX would be the last ever Lancer Evolution, so someone clearly saw an investment opportunity.

This particular model is also the MR edition, which includes Bilstein shocks, Brembo brakes and BBS wheels. Under the hood is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 286-hp mated to a six speed manual, instead of the standard car's five-speed. But no matter how you try to justify it, $137,954 is an astronomical price tag for a Lancer Evolution - particularly as it isn't even a limited-edition model. For the same price, you could buy a brand new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and still have plenty of spare change.

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