This Mocha Latte RS6 Wakes You Up With A Slap In The Face

Audi Exclusive puts the "sleep" back in sleeper.

Nothing beats the feeling of driving a sleeper, leaving unsuspecting revvers in your dust at every stoplight. The Audi RS6 has already been named oneof the greatest players in this game: a V8, 4.0-liter twin turbo wagon thatmakes 560 hp and goes from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds. With an 8-speedauto and Quattro AWD, it can even crush some leading sports cars thatcertainly won't offer any room for your kids and their gear. But over time, theRS6 has gained a reputation and numerous aftermarket versions, diminishing fromits sleeper appeal.

So how about toning down its design and putting it back into sleepermode? Audi Exclusive is now offering the RS6 with this elegant Mocha Latte paintjob. Still looking great, this shade makes the Audi just a tad more family-friendly.Additional options seen here include the Gloss Black Optics Package, RS-sportexhaust system, 5 double-spoke cast aluminum wheels and black mirror caps. Theinterior is finished in complementary black and alabaster white with contrastwhite stitching. Should anybody think this design is somewhat drowsy, simply stepon the gas and show them what this monster is really capable of.

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