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This Modern Baja Boot Off-Roader Looks Bonkers

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We can't wait to see SCG's this race at the Baja 1000 later this year.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus recently teased a new retro-inspired hypercar that will debut at Pebble Beach, but this isn't the only new model the firm is showcasing at the event. Remember when SCG announced the development of a modern-day Baja Boot that will race at the Baja 1000 later this year? SCG has been quiet about the off-roader lately, and we've only seen a few design renders since the project was announced. But after 17 months of development, SCG has presented the first production version of the new Baja Boot, and it looks epic.

"In Jan 2018 we started a blank sheet of paper and a wild idea. Let's create a new version of the Baja Boot, race the Baja 1000, and drive home. 17 months of blood, sweat, and tears we have Boots on the ground," Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus wrote on Twitter. The bonkers off-roader debuted alongside the original Hurst Baja Boot raced by Steve McQueen in the 1960s that inspired it, which was bought by Glickenhaus in 2010. Videos posted by Glickenhaus on social media also show the Baja Boot revival being driven for the first time.

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What you're hearing is the sound of a GM-sourced LT4 V8 developing 650 horsepower. The road-legal version features a four-wheel independent suspension with 19 inches of travel and 37-inch all-terrain tires, but an available Baja package that allows the Boot to race at the Baja 1000 will increase the suspension travel to 22 inches. The Baja package also includes bespoke 2.5 front and rear coilovers as well as 3.5 Bypass front and 4.0 Bypass rear shocks, Wilwood six-piston brake calipers with 14-inch discs, and different 37-inch off-road tires.

Initially, the new Baja Boot will be sold as a two-door model, but a larger four-door version is also planned. The two-door version will cost around $250,000 while the four-door will cost $275,000. We can't wait to see it compete in the Baja 1000 later this year.