This Modified 807-HP Mustang Sounds Absolutely Incredible

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The savage sound of this 807-hp Ford Mustang is a treat for the ears.

Back in May, German tuner Schropp Tuning revealed its insane modified Mustang with supercar performance boasting 807-horsepower – that's nearly twice as much power as a stock Mustang GT. It almost seemed like compensation for Europeans who had been deprived of the iconic muscle car for 50 years. While it looked imposing in the supplied photos and sounded impressive from the specifications, nothing could capture just how much presence this menacing muscle car has in the metal.

That was until a video surfaced showing the German tuner's creation in all its growling glory. The video, captured from a recent SCC500 track day event in Germany, shows the modified Mustang taking on a Chevrolet Camaro, a Porsche 911, a Nissan GT-R, a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and a fourth-gen Mustang in a series of drag races.

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No run times were given so we don't know which car was the fastest, but if the competition was which car can make the most noise, the Mustang would win hands down every time. As you would expect from a Mustang with such extreme power, the monster muscle car sounds incredible, producing a thunderous growl that would surely scare supercars into submission. Among the modifications Schropp Tuning has made include a new supercharger, a Coyote engine block with uprated cylinder liners, and a remapped ECU, resulting in 807-horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque. Yes, that's even more power than a Shelby Super Snake.

Helping the custom Mustang produce such an ear-splitting soundtrack is a custom sports exhaust with free flow sport catalytic converters and 76 mm diameter pipes which reduce back pressure, giving the car a "deep, powerful voice" according to the tuner.

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