This Modified Civic Type R Is Every JDM Fanatic's Dream

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And we can see why.

Every enthusiast may be lusting after the Ford Focus RS right now, but let's not forget about the insane hatchback that Honda has been working on-the Civic Type R. While the Japanese hot hatch is a few years away, it's a vehicle that's worth waiting for. The upcoming Civic Type R already has the looks, but this modified variant by Mugen looks like a completely different animal. Revealed at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, the hot hatch looks like a maniac in plain sight and somehow manages to be even crazier than the stock version.

Mugen have been tuning Hondas for a number of years now, but this might just be the tuning company's best work. The tuning company has fitted the new Civic Type R with an even sportier body kit, Mugen wheels, Mugen sport seats and a single exhaust system instead of the quad one we've seen before. If you thought the Civic Type R looked insane in its stock form, then get ready to be blown away by what looks like a purpose-built racing car.

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