This Modified Ferrari 812 Widebody Is Crazy Fast

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Meet "N-Largo," courtesy of Novitec.

Once you get started you simply can't stop, at least this is how tuning firm Novitec sees the art of modifying the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Only a few months after releasing its first aftermarket kit for the V12-powered Prancing Horse, Novitec is back with what it's dubbed the "N-Largo," a widebody package for the 812 that also includes improvements to the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12. But let's start with that body.

It's now 5.5-inches wider at the rear due to newly added fender flares mounted directly to the body. The front is now 2.8-inches wider than before since the standard fenders were replaced with wider ones. Buyers can choose between pure carbon fiber or a high-gloss matte coating for the rocker panels, which also optimize air flow between the fenders.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

Other modifications over the stock 812 include the new rear wing, restyled air vents on the hood, a new and noticeably wider front bumper. The stock alloy wheels have also been replaced with a pair of 21-inch lightweight forged wheels up front and 22-inchers out back. Novitec also tweaked the suspension by adding new springs that lower the supercar by 1.37-inches. A hydraulic lift system raises the front by 1.57-inches for when driving over some potentially damaging road surfaces. Lastly, a quad exhaust system with or without adjustable flaps improves power delivery and engine sound.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

Now back to the V12. Novitec has increased output from 789 hp to 829 hp. Torque is also up from 530 lb-ft to 554 lb-ft. These improvements lead to increased speed. Zero to 62 mph now only requires 2.8 seconds, which is a tenth of a second faster than the stock version. Top speed is now rated at 214 mph. Ferrari claims the factory-spec 812 can do up to 211 mph. Faster is faster.

The interior can be customized in just about any way the customer desires, but the example you see pictured here is, quite obviously, purple. Wouldn't be our first choice considering the sheer amount of leather and Alcantara possibilities. No pricing was announced for the kit itself, but we know this will vary depending on customer requests. The stock Ferrari 812 Superfast itself begins at around $335,000.

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