This Modified Jeep Will Totally Slay The World Of Off-Roading

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Adventure crafted to impressive feats with the Legacy Scrambler

Jeeps are known for being ready to dip in mud out of the box. Dipped, wrestled, dragged. How much better could it possibly get? About $120,000 better is the short version, but after going a bit deeper it's noticeable how much comes with that price tag. A company called Legacy has taken an off-roading staple and made it better. It also seems to have extracted a touch of immaculateness out of the platform, giving it a new presence and redefining the craft of off-roading. The Legacy "Scrambler" is all about being lightweight and powerful.

Indeed the Scrambler floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee with its aluminum, well, everything. From the body to the wheels, and yes, even the turbo diesel inline-six producing about 430 lb-ft of torque (it's diesel, forget horsepower), is made of aluminum. This astounding amount of power moves only 3,300 pounds, which makes for a steaming recipe for adventure and damn near no challenge unconquerable. To boot the engine is designed around Chrysler's EcoDiesel, which makes finding a part easier than finding dirt under a fingernail. The positives don't stop there, as the weight is low on the car which provides a feeling of SUV handling, catering to a more comfortable driving experience, that is until rocks jump in the way.

There's more, as the engine and wiring harness are completely sealed air, water and chemical tight, requiring only one oil change per year; it's an off-roader's dream. With the Scrambler running about in the world it realistically costs only $120,000 to survive a nuclear apocalypse. With that in perspective the price doesn't seem that bad. In the meantime, while saving up for the Scrambler drool over this badass Jeep with a mohawk.

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