This Monster American V8 And Tuner Icon Have Wonderful Chemistry

This engine makes any car sound absolutely mental.

On the Internet, it's almost rare to see "Nissan 300ZX" without the words "LS engine swap" attached. But with this car, the results look (and sound) truly magnificent. The 6.0-liter LS pushes this 300ZX to its limits. Putting almost 500 horses to the tires, this example is also beefed up with air intakes and header mods that give it brutal acceleration.The 350Z rear diff and other handling-centered mods let the car tightly grab corners despite the massive power increase over stock.

One of the only things that hasn’t been performance-modded is the manual transmission, which deserves props on its own for making it 150,000 miles under this sort of pressure. Most of these mods were done by LoJ Innovations, a tuning company that specializes in these types of engine swaps.

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