This Monstrous Maserati MC12 Corsa Costs A Cool $2.7 Million

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Only 12 customer examples exist in the world. This is the very first one.

There were once rumors that Maserati was working on a new flagship supercar based on the LaFerrari, but as time passed it became increasingly unlikely. The last time Maserati made a supercar was the monstrous MC12 back in 2004 – and what a special supercar it was. Based on the Ferrari Enzo, only 50 were produced which makes it exceedingly rare. Its track-only sibling, the MC12 Corsa, is even rarer, with only 12 existing examples in the world. That makes it more exclusive than the Ferrari FXX, a track-only Enzo limited to 30 examples.

And now you can take home your very own MC12 Corsa, which is currently for sale at Florida-based dealer Atlantis Motor Group – providing you have deep pockets. Produced for homologation purposes, the MC12 Corsa is derived from the MC12 GT1 race car which won the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup. While only 12 were made for selected customers, an extra three models were made for testing and publicity purposes. Every example was painted in "Blue Victory," despite customers having the option to have it finished in other colors. Compared to the 625-hp MC12 road car, the track-only Corsa pumped out 755 horses thanks to its naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12 taken from a Ferrari Enzo.

It has a dry weight of just 1,150 kg, so you can be assured the performance is blistering. The example for sale also happens to be the first MC12 Corsa that was ever produced and has less than 150 miles on the clock, just to make it even more desirable. Unsurprisingly, this V12-powered monster commands a hefty asking price. Back in 2006, the MC12 Corsa will have set you back $1.5 million. Now it's effectively doubled its value, as the Florida dealer is selling the rare race car for $2.75 million.

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