This Mustang GT500 Driver Should Be Forced To Drive A De-Tuned Kia As Punishment


Zero skills and too much horsepower.

Obviously mistakes happen. We're only human you know. But when you're behind the wheel of any car, especially something as powerful as a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, extra precautions need to be taken. Doing burnouts near a crowd of bystanders stands out as one in particular. The video you're about to see was taken during an exotic car meet in Maryland. When the GT500 driver was making a right-hand turn, he managed to fishtail and lose control of the car, plunging directly into a group of people.

And yet somehow no one was injured, but do note the guy in the dark blue shirt and black baseball hat who managed to hold on to his beer as the car nearly took him out. Thug life for real. Despite what the video shows at the end, the GT500 driver did stop to make sure people were OK.

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