This Mustang-Powered 1970 Ford Bronco Sport Is Awesome

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Tackling trails has never been more fun

The new Ford Bronco Sport is just as impressive off-road as the proper Bronco, a car that you will be able to configure on Ford's website from Friday. Despite its prowess and numerous features, there's no doubt that the original Bronco Sport is a much more desirable vehicle - at least to those who like their off-road vehicles to look rugged rather than cute. Now a true classic, the 1977 Bronco Sport is a vehicle that should be preserved and cared for, but in some cases, that is not possible. In cases like these, a resto-mod is often a great way to modernize and safeguard an old treasure. Osprey Custom Cars can facilitate just that, and the results are awesome.

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We've come across the work of Osprey Custom Cars before, and we've been thoroughly impressed. For this resto-mod, the 43-year-old Bronco Sport was completely overhauled with every single nut, bolt, and fitting being replaced with brand new items. However, there's more to this vehicle than just a regular clean-up. Although not as extreme as Jay Leno's GT500-powered Bronco, this one is pretty crazy too.

A 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from a Mustang now resides under the hood and produces 415 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. This is mated to a new 4R70 four-speed automatic transmission with buttons instead of a lever for gear selection. Aaron Richardet, the company's founder, says: "We preserved its classic icon image and off-road capability while adding amazing performance and luxury." We can't help but agree.

Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars

The axles have also been upgraded, while other additions include power disc brakes, LED headlights and taillights, a new hardtop, and a "family" cage that allows the seating capacity to remain unimpeded. The body has been finished in Zermatt silver metallic paint while the interior is trimmed in black leather. A power winch and new bumper have been added too, while a stainless-steel exhaust system announces your arrival. The air-conditioning system is a Vintage Air Gen IV setup while a tastefully modernized interior allows for more comfort.

Despite all these additions, Osprey says that this is just a partial summary of the vehicle. We like the idea, and the execution is nearly flawless too. A job well done.

Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars Osprey Custom Cars

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